4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions in The Best Condition

If you aren’t new to availing hair extensions, you have for sure faced problems with it where it doesn’t last for long or probably frizzed off before time. The extensions are a cluster of hair strands that are affixed or clipped to your existing hair to give it a fuller or longer look, and when not cared for in the right way, it is a useless expenditure that you incur.

Well, whenever you approach a salon for hair extensions at Gold Coast, the expert would come up with necessary tips so that the extensions and when you do not follow them ardently, things do not turn out the way you expect it to be. When spoken to experts and stylists who excel in extensions, they came up with practical solutions and tips that could be followed by everyone who has availed similar extensions of any sort.

Expose the hair to moisture

Well, even though you make use of or original hair for the extensions, they are not connected to your scalp and don’t receive the right amount of oil that your actual hair receives. It is said that the more you expose it to the right amount of moisture, it would last even longer. While you own extensions, there is this need to make use of salon-based products that are known to replicate the oils that the scalp emits and thus keeping it moisturised all throughout.

Prevent over washing

Experts suggest that washing the hair every 3-4 days is the perfect option for your extensions. This is likely to let the hair stay intact and not lead to breaking down of the bonds. Washing every second day may allow you to get rid of the dirt but blow drying it over and over again would lead to it becoming frizzy as it doesn’t have any life of its own. If you are one of those who sweat a lot or probably sweats it out at the gym, you could opt for dry shampoo.

Make use of Argan or Moroccan Oil

While you make use of salon-based products to help your hair stay moisturised, you could also opt for the use of Argan oil or Moroccan Oil that is known to be rich in the right nutrients that the extensions require while diving it that bounce every time you step out. While you apply the oil to the tips and the mid-length of the hair before you sleep, you are likely to find it absorbing the oil and giving that shine.

Make use of mask treatment

The mask treatment includes hair products that are known to condition the extensions. While you opt for hair mask treatment once every month, it is likely to provide deep conditioning. Applying it only to the hair and not towards the roots would allow it to only concentrate on the length while making it lively and soft and accordingly preventing drying and reducing frizz.