Top 9 Fashion Magazines!

Fashion magazines can be fun and quirky, and it offers a lot of entertainment and helpful fashion tips for both men and women. It also helps us to stay updated with the fashion industry and the booming fashion trends in the market. There are a variety of fashion magazines which cater to a wide array of audience.

Maxim- This is one of the best and leading magazines of all times. Maxim’s presence is feltworldwide, and even the celebrities swear by it! Apart from its fashion news, it also reveals information on the most popular models, fitness perfectionist, actresses and singers.
Vogue- This magazine is very popular not only in India but also in most countries of the world. It usually concentrates on the fashion needs of women, lifestyle improving tips, designer talks, current trends, fashion needs of women and stores to shop your desired outfits, accessories shoes, etc.
Elle- This French origin magazine is extremely popular among the Indian audience. It is based on the needs of women and also their lifestyles. This magazine also gives an overview of relationships and travel ideas.
Femina- This is the oldest magazine in India and is aimedat uplifting the status of women. It is also the official sponsor of India’s most prestigious pageant, “Femina Miss India”. It also showcases events, fashion and fitness topics, relationship advice and women’s health.
Grazia- This magazine has Italian roots and is very vibrant and dominant all over the world. It also focuses on the welfare of women worldwide. Apart from this, it covers fashion needs and gives helpful tips to women looking for a fashion makeover.
Cosmopolitan- This is more popular among young women and teens to find their latest gossip. It advises all women on beauty and fashion essentials. It also covers relationship tips and ideas. It is the largest selling magazine with 60 or more international publications.
Marie Claire- This magazine is popular for sharing stories about women empowerment and even tales of courage. Success stories of women are also shared in this magazine. Apart from this, it speaks about wellness, health and shares celebrity news and interviews.
Women’s Era- This magazine began its journey from 1973 and is considered the oldest. It is well known for distributing real stories of people and families. It also covers women’s fashion and helps them with relationship advice and tips.
GQ magazine- This is an extremely well-known Men’s Lifestyle and Fashion magazine that revolves around the fashion needs of men from celebrities and stars. It also gives fitness goals and advice to men.