What’s in a Formal Dress Code?

The Elegance and sophistication of formal attire is always accompanied by confusion and apprehension for a lot of us who do not wear them often. If you are a business professional who is frequently seen in formal wear, then you know your stuff about them. Then again, the formal wear that has been the staple wear of business professionals is very different from the one which is usually worn for a special occasion like a wedding or a red carpet event. Although not many in types, the thing about formal attire for men is that they are a complete package. Individual clothing items like suit jackets, trousers, shirts, accessories and the shoes come together as one unit to collectively make formal wear what they are.

Even if one of this ‘complete package’ is out of place it can spoil your look completely. This is not good news at all since all the tim in a formal setting, the attire that you wear conveys to the people around you of how well you understand what you wear, how much you respect the formal setting that you are dressed for itself and most importantly, if you are a man of attention to detail or not. So in today’s time, irrespective of if you are a free spirit who does not hold societal obligations in high regard or a prolific businessman who loves to dress well, understanding what formal attire is it’s absolutely crucial.

Of all of the formal attire for men, a black tie attire is the most common one of all. Usually reserved for formal events like a wedding for example, the black tie is an absolute wardrobe essential. It comprises of a suit jacket, matching trousers and a bow tie in black. One of the oldest attires for men ever created, it is simple and absolutely elegant. In case you are looking to step up your game a couple notches the men’s velvet tuxedo is what you need in order to stand out from the crowd.

If you are particularly dressing for a high-profile event like a red carpet feature then this is when you need to look to the white tie. Not very different from the black tie, a white tie attire is a lot more polished. Usually, suits crafted for the white tie attire are longer at the back and the lapels of the suit are more distinct and grand looking. The white bow tie on a white Oxford shirt is a grand look that is very difficult for any other form of menswear items to compete with. Your shoes will be the highlight of a white tie attire. Ensure that the shoes that you are going to wear with this look do not have that ‘dull’ texture which leather shoes usually tend to have. A shiny black shoe is exactly what you need.

The Last of the types of elegant formal wear for men, the much familiar men’s bespoke suit is the most versatile of all menswear items. They come in different varieties, patterns and colours. Widely considered as a stepping stone for perfecting men’s formal attire, the suit is a staple wear that lets you play around with suit colour patterns and especially the colour of your tie. They comprise of a suit jacket, a pair of matching trousers, a shirt, a tie and leather shoes. But unlike the rigid uniformity of White and Black tie attires, suits are relatively flexible.