Five Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Must Have

Skinny jeans for women, or rather any style of perfectly skinny jeans is a wardrobe staple for every woman out there. Jeans in a piece of clothing that you just cannot do without. They are comfortable, versatile and most of all extremely stylish. You can style a jeans in innumerable ways, be it casual, formal or even festive, there is no occasion where you cannot work your jeans.

Since these are such a versatile piece of clothing it’s only natural that there should be numerous styles of jeans that you can experiment with. If you’re looking for a place to find the top five styles that you simply must have then you’ve just found it.

Here are the top 5 jeans that you must have in your closet.

The Super Skinny: These are the well-fitted long pair of jeans that can easily pass of as leggings or jeggings. These are perfect for any season because they go extremely well with oversized shirts, sweaters, jackets and ever kurtas, t-shirts or crop tops. These are the easiest to style and we assure you that you simply cannot go wrong with them. So investing in it is a must.
Mom jeans: Loose, big and extremely comfy. What else do you need in a pair of trousers? These are the perfect pair of jeans to wear on a busy day, where you’ll be doing a lot of activities. They’re extremely comfy also with being stylish. A short blouse or shirt along with mom jeans and sneakers makes the perfect day outfit.
Bell Bottoms: These offer a casual yet chic look. These are the pants that have flared bottoms and look really stylish with crop tops or any fitted tops. These jeans are comfortable and can be worn casually or for a party as well.
Ripped: This is one of the latest trends. Ripped jeans can look extremely chic when worn the right way. These are best worn casually. They are comfortable and work well with oversized t-shirts, tops and sneakers.
Straight Cut or Cigarette: These are like parallel pants. These need to be absolutely fitted for them to look good on you. This a basic pair of jeans that can go with any top, kurta or shirt. You can even wear these with long tops. This pair is a must-have.

5 Reasons to Try a Wooden Watch For Your Style Statement

Wood made watches are now extremely popular; around the world, style freaks are appreciating this wood watches for their woody beauty and artistic appeal. But this is not the only reason to try these wood made watches. Read here 5 simple reasons, which will validate your wish to try these premium wrist watches.

Eco-friendly material

Wood is a natural product and therefore it is completely free from all toxic effects. Furthermore, wood decor bands are produced out of scrap pieces and its making strongly promotes recycling, which is again green and friendly for the environment. This is one of the reasons why classy wooden watches are widely appreciated globally by style conscious people.

Light in weight

Gone are those vogues when people use to wear big-dial watches; even heavy-weight wrist watches are no more counted as a status symbol. Nowadays, leek and light-weight timepieces have earned huge popularity. For obvious reason, wood watches are quite famous for their lightweight, sleek design, and trendy dial sizes. The wood made wristband sits perfectly on the wrist of the users and looks classy in its aesthetic appeal.

Unique in style

Wooden watches are exclusive designer quality watches. Different types of woods are used for making these designer quality wrist watches that are never same with each other. Furthermore, these woody timepieces are mostly handcrafted, which is unique in their manufacturing quality. Manufacturers can bring several tweaks in the look of these watches, which can add their artistic value and look. With the passing of time, in general, leather belt or metal wristbands gets withered but wood belts if proper care is taken, can withstand the challenge of passing time and remain intact in their ageless appeal.

Durable and hypoallergenic

The metal band is durable but it lacks the classy touch of the woods. The wood band not only looks good, it is gentle on the skin no matter if you are wearing it in summer or during hot and humid monsoon. It is tasted on skin types; even those are allergic to metal, they can wear wood made bands without much hassle. Even if you have sensitive skin, these wood crafted bands are no way hindrance for your style statement.

Pocket-friendly price

Woody watches are not very expensive because the material used in making these timepieces are standard components. Its beauty lies in its wood finish and designer quality. Most of the timepieces are crafted from scrap woods and that is why materials are collected almost at peanut prices in comparison to leather or metal framed watches.

These are 5 reasons that make a wood made watch exclusive by its own virtue. However, you will be on the safer side of your purchase if you buy your wood watch from a reputable online site only. Before purchase check the warranty issue and its daily care need. This comprehensive information range will help you to maintain these designer quality watches with the better scale of efficiency.

Zack Rogge is a watch specialist and been this watch industry many years. With passing time he finds that some peoples are taking interest in customizing and creating their own kind of watch with unique materials. So he inspired to follow the demands of public and now he is the manufacturer of wood-watches which are getting more and more popular for its organic components and unique craft designs. Through these articles, he wants to create more awareness about these wood-watches to all.

Latest College Fashion Trend

We don’t actually realise how important fashion for college is because we often think fashion is only for rich bratz and experimental people. Well, it’s not like that at all, you don’t have to buy branded or expensive clothing to look sassy, you can wear outfits from your wardrobe and still look amazing if you wear it the right way and style it depending upon the trend.

Here are a few affordable looks you can take inspiration from.

1) Graphic tee trend

Wear your regular graphic tee tucked into a long pleated skirt. This is an amazing and affordable look you should definitely try to look like a diva in your college. Wear your heels for the footwear and you’re ready to rock.

DIY an oversized graphic tee and wear it as a dress. All you have to do is leave a little fabric along the neckline and cut out a triangle shape so that it looks like a choker dress. You can even buy it if you want.

The most basic yet stylish is this one where you just have to loosely tuck-in your tee in the denim jeans and wear a pair of boots to look like a fashion icon along the way you walk.

2. Athleisure

The easiest trend this season is athleisure and styling yourself in it is even more easier and the most comfortable of all. You can take inspiration from this one. Wear a regular casual tshirt dress paired with sneakers and a shoulder bag. This is the perfect look to carry for your college.

Wear a sporty jacket over your regular LBD and pair it up with sneakers. This is a really cool and comfortable look to try and doesn’t need much efforts.

Try pairing up your gym crop top and leather jeggings and use a shirt around your waist to look trendy and casual. And if it gets somewhat chilly in the evening after college, you can wear the shirt over the top to cover up.

3. The Nude Trend

Regular college is not a good time for you to wear bold makeup, only natural looking making or should we say Nude Makeup would be the best. This natural touch of makeup would go with any style or look you wish to pull off.

Nude colours such as peach, pink, beige, amp up your college look. Effortless and easy to carry, the colours go with denims as well as other fabric of clothing too.


Bella hadid and Gigi Hadid
Deepika Padukone
Kendall Jenner

The kind of look you style yourself with, has a lot to say about you and your sense over fashion. Minimal is the key to the best fashion statement. Going over and over too much would only dull away your look and make you look like a fashion disaster. Save yourself from being one, by going by the latest fashion trends and inspirations.
Take a look at the best college looks and get ready to dress the best for your casual day. The most necessary thing is that college dresses should be comforting, simple yet chic and easy to dress up. Some of the latest college fashion trends for girls and the most covetable looks can be spotted on campuses. Couch Fashion comes with such trendy outfits about fashion trends to be adopted by cute college girls.